About us

THE LIST is a lifestyle boutique located in Houston, Texas, here to create a vibrant awareness of quality, clothing, music, and cool efficient living. Our shop is an honest, open guide to finding your style essentials. Surrounded by different elements of individuality & ways of expressing your personal stylish looks, The List was created for The People.

As a free-thinking team, we inspire others to indulge in the comfort, style, and high quality of our clothing and international coffee blends. We offer a variety of personal style preferences and a cool connection to unique items and brands from around the world.
Connecting our customers with style and modern design, we offer select essentials that accommodate your closet and home d├ęcor preferences. We are also revamping our community’s move towards modern technology, as we plan to build an off-grid eco-friendly sustainabil container unit to house our shop. The List will plan to operate off renewable solar energy, and will be constructed with 100% recyclable eco-friendly building materials. Our way of giving back to the Planet is by educating our community on the effective methods of minimizing your lifestyle and maximizing your living, in style!